Our communities face increasingly complex, inter-related challenges. We need people who see connections between economic, social, and environmental dimensions – who see the solutions in the weaving together of these elements. Our communities need principled people to step up and lean in, bringing everything they have to the table. In the face of strong headwinds, we need people who are visionary, tenacious, humble, creative, welcoming, and committed. Communities need people like this, working together, finding Another Way forward.


Another Way is solely owned and operated by Anna Bubel. She assembles unique, specialized teams to meet client’s needs. This approach provides clients a cost-effective way to receive multi-disciplinary, professional services from lawyers, accountants, architects, statisticians, computer programmers, researchers, writers and graphic designers.


Community Economic Development (CED) strives for a local economy that is sustainable, resilient, and works for everyone. This means that work tends to focus on groups who are not well served by the economy or on tackling challenges such as reducing unemployment, replacing substandard housing, improving energy efficiency, or boosting local spending. CED priorities are shaped by those who live, work, run businesses, and offer support services within that community.