Vision and Mission

Another Way is a unique consulting firm based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that specializes in Community Economic Development (CED). Anna Bubel is the principal consultant. Her vision of community empowerment, cooperation, and equity translates into a practice that focuses on building capacity; on relentlessly pursuing “Another Way”.

The range of services provided by Another Way reflects the complexity of the challenge facing our communities. For twenty years, custom-tailored teams have offered:

  • Community economic development feasibility assessment and business planning;
  • Training on social enterprise;
  • Affordable housing and commercial real estate development;
  • Project monitoring, impact assessments and program evaluations
  • Research into innovative economic policy and program alternatives; and
  • Participatory, action-oriented processes that involve diverse stakeholders in the design, analysis and implementation phases of problem-solving initiatives.

Ways of Working

Another Way is solely owned and operated by Anna Bubel. She assembles unique, specialized teams to meet client’s needs. This approach provides clients a cost-effective way to receive multi-disciplinary, professional services from lawyers, accountants, architects, statisticians, computer programmers, researchers, writers and graphic designers.