Anna brings to us a vast knowledge of, and experience with, many aspects of our mandate, including community economic development, social enterprise development, social research, and business planning. She is able to adapt to the complexity of our work, offers us stellar analysis and has demonstrated time and time again her ability to put theory into action.

Anna is Another Way. We hire her and we get her, not a staff person among many in a big firm. Her rates are reasonable and great value for money; she is transparent and honest; and she consistently achieves deadlines with quality products. 

I trust Anna Bubel to get the job done and typically she exceeds expectations.

Anna Bubel challenges our thinking.

Skill and experience and knowledge are what we look for in a consultant. Many consultants have those attributes, but it’s her passion and energy and unrelenting pursuit of quality that raised her above the completion.”

 – Mark Holmgren, Executive Director, Edmonton Community Development Company

“CEASE has called upon Anna to assist in multiple ways for over 20 years. She helped craft an Evaluation Framework for a major three year project and recommended Evaluators to help with different components, a Qualitative Program Evaluation and a Social Return on Investment analysis. This approach was unique and ground-breaking at that time. Another time, Anna designed an environmental scan with many complex elements where there was limited research and data, thus requiring original research. She provided guidance and oversight to student research assistants helping with this project. To conclude the project, Anna prepared an extensive, well-documented final report and power point presentation for a provincial symposium.

When you call upon Anna, you can count on her to help you bring clarity to your project, design a reasonable time frame for completion, be highly attentive to detail, and excel with high rigour, strong ethics, and boundless enthusiasm.   Anna brings absolute honesty to her work. If she doesn’t think she is the best fit for your project, she will tell you, and recommend someone else. Anna seeks to empower her clients with knowledge and skills, leaving them with strengths they discover while working with her. She is a gifted educator. She genuinely has the best interests of her clients at heart and brings the best of her expertise, knowledge, and experience to each project she undertakes. You are a fortunate client when Anna agrees to work with you.”

 – Kathleen Quinn, Executive Director, CEASE: Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation

In the 21 years I have been with the First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group we have engaged many consultants, from engineering firms to business consulting firms. We have never seen the kind of commitment and passion that Anna has put into each and every project she has been involved with in our organizations history.

Vaughn Paul, Chief Executive Officer, First Nations Technical Services Advisory Group, Inc.

Our experience working with Another Way on numerous projects has been absolutely positive time and time again. Anna is professional, sets clear expectations, communicates regularly keeping us up to date and ensuring that the project remains on track. We found very quickly that Another Way comes to mind as a first choice time and time again because of the high quality of the work and the strong commitment to integrity that doesn’t leave you wondering if their recommendations are in your best interest or your consultants.

If I could provide three descriptors about Another Way, they would be integrity, work ethic, and professionalism. Anna Bubel’s commitment to her community, along with her significant community development experience, translates into working with a consultant who not only knows good process, but also has a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t, opportunities that might exist, and a strong network to pull on if additional resources are needed.

Gary St. Amand, CEO, Bissell Centre